EJay is the title of a music software product, which is primarily used to distribute easy-to-use sequencers for Microsoft Windows that already have a collection of samples. In addition to this product, other software has also been produced which includes, among other things, to the Audio restauration. The marketing began in 1997 as the first product “Dance eJay” appeared in May 2009, EJay announced on the official Facebook site that former owner Empire Interactive Europe Limited lost the rights to “another company” and the future of eJay was uncertain. On 1 August 2009 the internet presence of eJay, as well as that of Empire Interactive, was removed. Since the end of 2010, HBV has been distributing some of the eJay products with the additional title “Reloaded”.

With the program, it was possible to compose and manage music, such as techno, rave, dance, hip-hop, but also rock and pop music, depending on the version. It should mainly appeal to the youth culture. Users of this software were able to publish their own tracks on the website and also exchange with other users. The program consisted of a certain number of soundtracks on which already finished samples could be used. The samples resembled single building blocks, which, depending on the category, played a short rhythm, a bass reef, effects, a melody or any other short instrumentalization or sound. The software is particularly user-friendly and easy to use and is therefore often recommended to beginners and laymen.

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