eJay Dance 6 Reloaded

The legendary music software is again available with many new features. EJay Dance 6 Reloaded, an incredible music mixer with 10,000 professionally produced sounds, 48 ​​sound tracks, 5 virtual instruments, a drum computer and synthesizer, recording studio, mixer and everything you need to produce your own hits. The operation is very easy. Music without video? Not on eJay Dance 6 Reloaded. In the 3D video studio, you can turn over 2,000 3D and video elements with your own video clip so that the friends can have it, the latest songs including video can be loaded directly on Facebook, You Tube and MySpace.

Make Your Music – Share Your Music! Make Your Music Let the dancefloor live!EJay Dance is back! The software that has inspired fans worldwide is now better than ever. EJay Dance 6 – Reloaded makes everything right: Whether you’re a thoroughbred musician or have fun creating cool tracks. Create your pieces now in studio quality and as easy as never before. Produce the right video clips in the 3D video studio – over 2,000 3D and video elements are available to you.

You can share your productions with your friends and the strong eJay community. With eJay Dance 6 Reloaded, you can mix your own dance music. The package contains everything you need: 10,000 professionally produced sounds, 48 ​​sound tracks, 5 virtual instruments, drum computer and synthesizer, recording studio and mixing console – and the operation is also very easy. Whether you’re a full-blooded musician, hobby creator or just have fun, make more with music. Create your own songs, create new ones in studio quality.


10,000 royalty-free dance sounds featuring trance, house, hardtrance, techno, europop, rave, hardhouse, big beat, disco, latin dance, chillout.

48 Track Soundmixer for arranging and composing 5 virtual instruments 3D Video Studio for creating video clipsDirect upload to create audio CDsDrum computer; Bass generator; Recording StudioDirect export to mobile devices (e.g., iPod, iPhone, PSP, mobile phones, etc.)

Live remixer: Time & Tune Generator in the Effect StudioPolyphonic synthesizer and sequencerEffect Studio incl. Wave Editor Feel Your Music.

EJay MP3 station

With “eJay MP3 station”, users can rip music files, convert to MP3s and burn audio CDs. The in-house encoder “FastMP3 II” works fast and offers a wide range of parameters for encoding rates.

The titles of an audio CD were easily recognized in the test thanks to their own database. Unfortunately, the surface is unclear, the buttons much too small. The tool provides additional features such as the animator, an equalizer, and the simple cover editor. The three features are not suitable for professional editing.

Tip: If the burning function is troublesome, swap the drive letters from the CD-ROM and the burner in the Windows Device Manager.

A better alternative to this program is, overall, the freeware MusicMatch Jukebox, which can also be downloaded from CHIP Online.

Dance eJay 5

With Dance eJay 5, hobby DJs can assemble their own hits in just a few minutes. A total of 48 audio tracks are available, which can be filled with prefabricated music parts at will. Dance eJay brings matching samples – in very good quality and sufficient quantity. In addition, you can import your own drum parts, bass lines or chord sequences via four “instruments”. The wave editor or the numerous effects can be obtained from the samples. The compilation of the titles by drag & drop proves to be problematic, because their arrangement is not very clear. The samples are sorted by instrument, but what is hidden behind the cryptic names of the pieces is only discovered by trial and error. Also in other places like the import only helps try or the good manual. The biggest weakness of the tool, however, is the consumption of resources: even with the usual 256 MB of memory, additional programs are difficult.

There is a great deal for patient amateur composers; However, the tool will overwrite any average PC.Price: about 40 EuroPrice / performance: SufficientSystem: Windows 9x / Me / 2000 / XPInfo.


EJay is the title of a music software product, which is primarily used to distribute easy-to-use sequencers for Microsoft Windows that already have a collection of samples. In addition to this product, other software has also been produced which includes, among other things, to the Audio restauration. The marketing began in 1997 as the first product “Dance eJay” appeared in May 2009, EJay announced on the official Facebook site that former owner Empire Interactive Europe Limited lost the rights to “another company” and the future of eJay was uncertain. On 1 August 2009 the internet presence of eJay, as well as that of Empire Interactive, was removed. Since the end of 2010, HBV has been distributing some of the eJay products with the additional title “Reloaded”.

With the program, it was possible to compose and manage music, such as techno, rave, dance, hip-hop, but also rock and pop music, depending on the version. It should mainly appeal to the youth culture. Users of this software were able to publish their own tracks on the website and also exchange with other users. The program consisted of a certain number of soundtracks on which already finished samples could be used. The samples resembled single building blocks, which, depending on the category, played a short rhythm, a bass reef, effects, a melody or any other short instrumentalization or sound. The software is particularly user-friendly and easy to use and is therefore often recommended to beginners and laymen.